June 24th, 2018

I've published my new EP! You can listen to it on iTunes, Tidal and Deezer so far, I'll link all the stores up in the music section as they become available, should be with in a week's time. I hope you enjoy, and you're welcome to let me know what you think of it!

March 21st, 2018

Hello, hello!
Been a while, but as things have gotten a push forward, it is time for an update!
First of all, as you can see, I have relaunched my website. I've kept it very simple so I can take care of it myself and so that it doesn't drown in nifty features. Simplicity is the way forward!
Second of all I have finally found somewhere I make some noise! It is a small "b-studio" that is not used much, there's a nice vibe from some nice people and I'm pretty sure this place will do my music good, and hopefully you will be able to hear it too!

November 4th, 2017

This is a story, of about how, my life got flip-turned upside down... Well not quite, but nearly! I've been on holiday and brought my PC with me to work on some tunes. When I started it up the hdd had crashed completely, and took all my files with it. Disaster. Most fortunately a friend helped me recover some of my older stuff, so I've "only" lost what I've made since may! Bit of a setback, but I will soon be back with some new stuff for you!

October 3rd, 2017

I have uploaded some demos to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure!
You can find them here.
I have also tried my hand at some browser-rendered videos for some of the tracks, the results leave a lot to be desired... Check for yourself, you can find the links in the Music-section.
I hope you enjoy, and as always you're more than welcome to leave a comment on Facebook.

January 31st, 2017


Allow me to share with you the first small fruits of my labour. I frequent a page for fellow Reason users called ReasonTalk. A member called TritoneAddiction has setup a challenge for the fun of it, where the conditions are to make an EP of 3 to 6 songs and furthermore you are only allowed to use 1 synth for all of the songs on the EP. Yes, 1 (one) synth. So, what that means is any sound you hear apart from the drums is from the same instrument! I picked the Orbis Wavetable Synthesizer from Skrock Music, having recently trialled it and played with it to my delight. I worked with it on and off for about a month, alternating between songs and made it for the deadline I had set. I could have wished to have more time for mixing it properly, but hopefully I'll get there along the way... I hope you enjoy, you're welcome to leave a comment on Facebook.